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Marketing India to Indians - Get Free from 'Freedom Sale'!

Playing the old classic patriotic songs with every flag hoisting, the emerging innovative combination of saffron, white and greens represented in our attire (and not necessarily with a flag), and the varying degrees of pride while looking at the national flag - all this along with celebrating a mid-week national holiday with high laziness quotient! - That is how 15th August passes with most of us every year! (I am excluding the NRIs from this lot, as the "NR but I" bit in them comes out very strongly today).

Advertisers try to be topical around independence day - either through s(t)ale discounts or through innovative emotive connects. Some of the key words I noticed in most of the ads include

Freedom - the quintessential term without which the ad is seemingly irrelevant,Tri color representationOffers - from 15% to 2017/- onlyIndependence dayGandhi ji 
On the other hand, we talk about Freedom from the societal aspects of our country, where we take freedom for granted. There ar…

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