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The Virility of Virality!

Jonah Berger explains what it takes for ideas to be contagious in his bestseller of 2013. While there are some interesting use cases globally, India has its own share of small sucessess! Incidentally, the numbers in India favor the not so 'contagious' ideas as well, as little virality in limited circles also gives good enough numbers for marketers to drive 'promotions' (pun intended!). 

While I won't go into the theory bit of it for now, there are some clear applications of the STEPPS (Social Currency, Triggers, Emotions, Public, Practical Value and Stories) framework in my recent readings!
Here are some remarkable recent cases, which seem to be working –
Surf Excel (Ramadan), Pepsi Pakistan

What gets shared - Interestingly, two ads that struck a chord instantly are one from Pepsiand the Surf Excel Ramadan ad that got viral on the social media - 

Incidentally, if one were to go by the STEPPS framework, the former draws higher social currency through strong inner remarka…

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