Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Sad, Agonizing Tale of Bhuvan Ganguly

I Was browsing through the Advertisement Blogs – Ad Jab and Ad Rag, when suddenly a familiar face came up …an Indian face in an American Ad.. And guess what the product is for? Nintendo Video Games!

The Latest Commercial from Nintendo is called “The Sad, Agonizing Tale of Bhuvan Ganguly” and has been created by Leo Burnett, Chicago.
According to the reports in Sun Times and, the 60-second commercial has been aired exclusively in more than 5,000 theaters in the US starting July 29th through August 25th and could make its way on to television at a later date.

A sad worker, Bhuvan Ganguly, pulls his cart in a dry desert on a bright sunny day. During the course of his tiring journey, he takes a break and sits next to his cart, pulling out a small shoddy packet from it.
From the packet, he takes out a single banana, peels it off, and eats it up, busy in his own morose thoughts. When he is finished, out of a natural instinct, he throws away the skin on the ground.
Suddenly, as the peel hits the ground, the spot shifts to a city roadway and a car jerks and skids out of control. Spot back to the original scene, and the peel is spinning similarly to the car. A spot shift again and the Ad ends with Ganguly gazing at the banana, wondering if there was more to it, that happened.

Tagline “Every Action in world gives rise to an equal and opposite reaction!”.
For the first timers, it would be simply an innovative idea, but for the Nintendo fans, the Ad alludes to the popular Nintendo MarioKart game, in which players use banana peels to wreak havoc on their rivals' automobiles.

Nevertheless, it is good entertainment, and smart thinking with of course, intelligent editing!
Catch the trailer at this link
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