Monday, October 03, 2005

Rexona Deodorant..

Whenever an Indian Ad figures in some international Site, I can't resist myself in finding out more about it.
This Ad is designed by Lowe,Mumbai, for Rexona Deodorant.
Took this entry from "I have an Idea" via Frederiksammuel’s blog

A compelling reason to perceive the message "People Move Away When you have Body Odour". Generally, if one would have seen this message, the natural reaction is indifference, since we feel it does not relate to use. But the movement of the people on the Glass door gives me a reason to believe ...they do move away ;-)!

Incidentally, the Ad has been Awarded Bronze in the Asia Pacific Ad Fest in the Outdoor Cateogry.
A new way of Advertising, and a different tool for a change! Nice work, Lowe!
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