Sunday, June 25, 2006

World Cup Fever in Shanghai: Eating Soccer, Literally!

Shanghai is mad about World Cup, and I can sense it here. New and innovative marketing concepts are introduced in the market almost every day, to lure customers by connecting to the World Cup pulse. Concepts like World Cup Nannies, World Cup Screenings, modified HR policies for World Cup,etc. are altogether New Markets created in Shanghai.
Of course, the locals have money to spend and the passion to force them to spend. It is simply about the pulse. You hit it right and the scale wouldn't be an issue at all.

Recently, an article in China Daily mentioned a restaurant in Shanghai that is making dim sum in the form of a soccer field. It has 10 football-shaped dimsums and is displayed on the platter made out of Rice and tea powders. The photographs would give you a clearer idea...

Quoting the article
"Shanghai Lu Bo Lang, a famous national restaurant that supplys Shanghai style dishes, presents Shanghai soccer fans with a new dim sum that resembles a mini soccer field dotted with ten footballs, named "World Cup soccer carnival"! "

As they say, people here eat, drink and sleep Soccer in Shanghai ...Some of them, literally!
[Source: China Daily]
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