Thursday, May 17, 2007

Geo TV (Pakistan): Innocence under fire!

Found this creative at Brand Synario - a Pakistan-based advertising website. I have rarely come across ads produced in that region, and this one gives a fine sample of the level of creativity presented there.

A nice piece for Geo TV, "Innocence under fire!" or "Jeeyo or jeene do" campaign that summarizes the kind of news being produced in the region these days. Through this campaign, it attempts to send out a social message to people to reduce the tensions amongst themselves - using the emotion-drivers...the kids!

A nice way to position itself as a channel that does not show violence all the time, and a channel endorsed by kids. A key influencer for parents in recommending channels is the influence of those channels to their children - this ad leverages this pattern and gets the same kids to endorse the channel.

Nice piece. Have a look. is a project of Synergy; the fastest growing Integrated Marketing & Communications Group in Pakistan. Starting off as a single source advertising concern in 1999, the Group has now become a trusted Integrated Marketing & Communications Solution partner for some of the key local and multinational players in the industry.
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