Thursday, January 30, 2014

Below the 'belt' Advertising!

Legs are not an uncommon 'prop' to be used in advertising. Be it for epilators, skin creams, sports shoes and of course, erotic products. 

Case in point is the series from Morphy Richards. Interesting Campaign by Morphy Richards on "Legs so beautiful"

The campaign says, "Make the most of your legs with Morphy Richards Epilators, that gently remove your hair from the root leaving you with smooth and silky skin for long. Legs so beautiful that you just want to show them off"

In other parts of the world, Venus has also shown smooth legs. Not to mention few weird ones by Prestobarba as well. But Legs are not only used for selling epilators, but also skin creams as well as Shoes! Reetone campaign and Panasonic Glow are a proof of this. 

Did you notice that in most of these campaigns, long legs are common..Do you know why?

Well, firstly, legs are second most attractive part of a lady that men get most attracted to (any guesses what takes the top spot?). But that's when you are marketing to the opposite gender.

Research has proven that longer legs are more appealing to both men and women. More importantly, legs that are 5% longer than normal are most suited.

Reason for that is that longer legs are associated with better health. Shorter-legged men are more likely to have higher levels of triglycerides, which are linked to arterial disease and strokes.

Longer legs were one of many subtle cues that suggest good health, especially in women.

Am not sure if we think so hard before appreciating someone, but yes, whenever you do, now there is a 'healthy' logic to appreciate someone's health!

Incidentally, long legs have always been used to represent clean looking bright legs - be it the shavers or be it skin creams. And yes sometimes fitness too!

So will you buy any of these brands to get those legs? ;-)

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