Thursday, April 21, 2005

P-yo Rasna!

Rasna - Ahmedabad-based firm, with Rs. 275 Cr Sales.
It is in talks with Global retailers for visibility.
This is in line with plans of Hard rock cafĂ© and Starbucks to enter the Indian market. I don’t understand, why should that create insecurity for the soft drink concentrate maker? It is a completely different segment that it addresses, just that the target consumers would be the same essentially. So, if there is segment called as non-soft-drinks-looking-for-alternatives, then I guess, Rasna does tend to lose market share.
Solution? Reinforce its positioning, and change the USP. On a long term, diversify its portfolio, and venture into new segments. Look at P&G, look at Dabur. If Real doesn’t work, Real Active would! If Ariel can’t get the markets, Tide would !
Talk of the soft drink concentrates market, Coca-cola’s Sunfill and HLL’s Fruit Kick are marginal players (what about Roohafza?) Total Market Size : Rs. 250 Crore)
As for Rasna, they did try their stint at repositioning – singing “health” songs than “kiddos” pals.
Other products by Rasna – Nimbu Pani – was repositioned to cater to the adults as well, since kids segment didn’t give them the intended targets.
Sub-brands – Utsav, Ek ka do, Juice up and Shake up.

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