Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Generational Divide

A Concept that gets confusing sometimes. Here is something I would take as the benchmark from now on. These are the details collated from various sources, and something that is significant for most of the Marketers who base their strategies based on this generational divide.
Following are the generations, based on their birth years as well


Birth Years

Baby Boomers1946-1964
Gen X1965-1981
Gen Y1980-1999

Though different websites claim different timelines, based on the maximum number of websites that talk the same language, I chose this division, as it is accepted by quite a lot of groups worldwide.

The Generational Imperative classifies the people of America in 5 Generations and talks about their habits and tastes.

Similarly, Life Course Associates has different articles based on these generations.
In fact, they have added 2 more variations to the generations –

Generation Jones --> 1954-1965
Baby Busters --> 1958-1968

Worldwide, this is a base used for a lot of marketing decisions, as each generation has unique values, attitudes, behavioral patterns, tastes and preferences.
Each one needs to be tapped individually, in a separate manner.

The specifics and the peculiarities I would discuss in more detail in another entry. For now, let me stick to the “definitions”!

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Anonymous said...
"GI" stands for General Issue or government issue, and were considered as the most important generation on this planet, since they faced the Big Depression and the Big War!