Monday, September 05, 2005

More and More Ps

Another addition to the P's off List!
More P's - This time it is 10 P's of Marketing

I am not sure if this list is "Necessary" and "Sufficient" to include all the dimensions of Marketing, or to be more specific - points that can affect the Purchase Decisions.

Will have to delve more into it and comment. Meanwhile, there is already a group of experts with their perspective operating on this topic in Marketing Profs - "What are the 10 P's of Marketing?"

For the records, here is the list:
- Price
- Purchases
- Point
- Partners
- Prizes
- Pro Bono
- Privileges
- Personalization
- Participation
- Presto

How do Partners figure in here? And in Business, does one start with a "Pro Bono" mindset? How do you perform the "Presto" in Marketing?
Loads of questions....but answers would come soon..

By the way ..the way this is going, I can simply cut and paste the entire list of words starting with P here, and call them the Ps of Marketing!

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