Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rejoice – A Giant Comb for Tangled Hair

An excellent ambient piece by Leo Burnett, Bangkok on Rejoice Conditioners.

The message on the comb, as shown, reads - Tangles? Switch to Rejoice Conditioner.
The creative of the Ad –
Rejoice Giant Comb.
"To innovatively highlight Rejoice Conditioners as the solution for tangled hair, this ambient piece was placed amongst the many utility cables strewn throughout Bangkok’s Central Business District."

According to Arvind, the idea is done by Somak Chaudhury - an art director from Leo Burnett, Bangkok. Identifying a relevant spot in the market to advertise and then ensuring pertinent communication by perfect execution is an art in itself, and Leo Burnett has once again demonstrated brilliance in this art.

Great work!
[via Creative Criminal]


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Thats a damn creative idea, now the next time I move around in any city I will make sure that I keep these things in mind for a future promotion campaign!!

Sandeep said...

what about legalities? who gets paid..the govt?..and isnt it a little dangerous to be allowed?

Anonymous said...

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