Tuesday, February 20, 2007

McDonalds in the Newspapers...

Can you think of creative ways of "packaging" the news items and the way they are presented, for a campaign? Am sure if you are hungry, you would have imagined what these campaigns have presented...columns seem like finger chips and paragraphs seem like cheese!

Have a look at a recent campaign for McDonalds in some Canadian Newspaper

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Campaigns for Homeless Children – The Social Way…

I have earlier discussed campaigns on children – either to push them out of begging or on Child Labor. Here are some more campaigns on homeless kids..

A thought provoking campaign by Everest Y&R was executed in Mumbai in some food outlets. Termed “tent-card”, the ambient entails a child sitting inside the menu card kept on tables, and reads "Over two lakh children live in places you can never imagine."

A brief provided on the ambient…
"A cutout of homeless kid was hidden inside tent-cards kept on coffee tables. Since the menu is printed on these tent cards, many people who casually lifted these tent cards were shocked to find a kid inside. Not only did it catch people unaware, but evoked immediate empathy towards the children living in such condition. As the result, from the 54 outlets where the activity was carried out, we collected over two lakh rupees within just over six weeks. The willingness of people to contribute has encouraged us to replicate these activities in other cities as well."

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Some other campaigns in the print media (magazines) on Homeless Children - wherein the environment change for children is presented by flipping the magazine pages...Have a look..

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Getting Older quickly in your Current Job? Test it now!

A new campaign by Career Builder makes people introspect and find out how they would look if they stick to their current jobs…

Called “Age-o-matic”, the campaign requires one to upload his/her photograph, and answer a few questions about the work culture a person has. Based on that, a “scientific” evaluation results in your modified photo – 50 years down the line – this is how you are going to look….

Incidentally, none of the photographs are really encouraging – so no matter what you do and where you land up, the truth of the matter is ...you WILL grow old!!

Now that most of the people around me are making career choices and moves, this would be an appropriate place to check what you are in for. And if it isn’t that pleasing (just like it wasn’t for me – as is evident in my predicted photograph), well, maybe you could try Careerbuilder.com and stay optimistic!! ;)

On a serious note, the campaign communicates through the humor line the importance of work pressure and culture on your personal life – and this is where this campaign sort of reiterates the relevance of “work life balance”….

The question any marketer would ask is – “Would this campaign route traffic to the job search website?” or “Would people get motivated and look for newer jobs?

According to me, it is unlikely that such a conversion would be possible. It simply seems to be a PR exercise, to ensure recall value during job search. The campaign is a way for people to laugh at themselves, and “objectively mock” at their current jobs. However, there might be some who would want to visit the website and browse through the offerings presented – thus, at least the hits and click-throughs are ensured.

Also, the campaign is not sustainable as a high involvement one. It does entail one time involvement through going through options and working out on the alternatives of your looks – but if one has to visit the website again and again – seems to be unlikely at this stage to me. Nonetheless, can wait and watch how it figures out in hit rates.

You never know – some people might think their looks would change once they get a job from Careerbuilder.com ….unless, of course, they visit the age-o-matic page once again!! ;)

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