Sunday, June 22, 2008

Energizer – Never Let their Toys Die, or.. (South Africa)

I just read some quite interesting facts about how the brains of women work, but there is something to be added in that entry,so might post that by tonight or tomorrow. Meanwhile, found an equally interesting piece on kids this time – and how a brand has leveraged insights into kids’ psyche to promote its brand.

And guess what it is about? Not diapers or food items, not chocolates or balloons, not games or toys, but the batteries on which their toys run – Energizer batteries, and how critical they are to a child’s growth – in ensuring that his/her highly energized brains stay constructive, keeps them occupied and do not distract them to resorting to naughty pranks like these… much so to put it professionally – but worth the insights, and worth the effort. How else do you think you can market batteries to kids/parents? Brilliant execution! The agency that did this creative, was deservingly awarded the Grand Prix at Cannes as well.

DDB South Africa won the Grand Prix for this campaign titled “Never let their toys die” and why? The creatives speak for themselves!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Out of the Box...and Thinking!

Time has passed. Things have moved ahead. But the “Chinese Irony” still remains at the top of my entries. Maybe, a lot of entries have assumed so much importance before, but this one seemed to hurt a little more than the previous ones. At least when I was offered to sell my blog because it seemed I am no longer interested in it!!

Well, no more sabbatical for this blog – maybe a few off days would be more of the norm as my understanding goes – more of the professional calling if so. But no so long that I am made another selling offer! No way.

So much to say – I am out of the box, and thinking!

Taking the out of the box and thinking part forward, this is a nice piece that leverages today’s occasion of Father’s day wonderfully, to ensure a strong recall, even though, it hits out at its competition. This piece has been doing the ad-blog rounds for quite some time, since I have seen this print before as well. Nonetheless, worth picking it up again – maybe to get cues on more creative ideas!

The print ad by Durex condom reads, “To all those who use our competitors’ products: Happy Father’s Day

Smart out-of-the box thinking!

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