Monday, December 15, 2008

An Ad of Ad (agencies) – Did the Fox Pass?

I am not an ardent follower of advertising agencies – I simply admire their creativity, and respect the marked improvement agencies have made in the quality of their work. However, rarely have I seen agencies applying their own creativity on themselves. So when I noticed this piece from Rediffusion, Mumbai, I could not stop talking about it.

The ad is for the promotion of the yearly Brand Equity Agency Reckoner, published by Economic Times to enlist advertising agencies, rating them across relevant parameters, relative to each other.

The event has built a blog as well around it, but does not pick anything exciting from the ad circles. It would have definitely created more buzz, had it been built more strongly, and engaged a larger audience. There are other interesting ads as well uploaded on the blog, that reflect an out-of-the-box attempt - However, this one is definitely an impressive one

For now, look at the “Fox Pass” of the advertising world – the biggest blunders made in common work life of agencies - an interesting list for sure. By the way, how many of these blunders do you yourself commit even today? (I do 5!)

More on the event can be read at ET

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ramblings for my own sake…

The previous phase is moving to its closure – the phase that ignored the Ps – the phase that did not have a place for this expression. As a result, even though a conscious effort was made to keep the breathing alive - I knew this was in a semi-conscious state. The phase isn’t yet over, but the closure is visible – not the end of this phase, but definitely the beginning of another.

The phase was full of reflection – of establishing an identity within a system – and then, of forming a framework that breathes its life of its own – of revival of a white elephant. Now, as it begins breathing on its own – as it moves closer to forming a self-sustaining system – it is time for one to pause, take a deep breath, and reflect….

The old set of challenges would drift away and new ones would emerge – priorities would always remain priorities – and as long as passions are attached to those priorities – they won’t come down – they would always be cleped as “top priorities”. But at the point of reflection – one needs to realize that perspectives matter – perspectives that ignite passion to express – for me as a blogger, and you as a reader – passion to absorb beyond the obvious – passion to build that extra brick of perspective over anything that excites you – and then, sometimes, proudly claim that brick to be yours – it is this passion that is being tested now – a test that would truly and deeply be judged by you – by me, and by the very nature of itself – the test that rightly shall earn back its own identity, the test that was once called – “Read Between the Ps”!

So, here is another attempt to come out of the cycle of enforced P of priorities - and move towards the P of perspective on the P of my passions :)

P.S. – If you cannot make sense of anything mentioned above – its good – I never wanted you to! :)

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